Lemon Law Attorneys for New Cars Cleveland, Ohio

We know how frustrating having problems with you new car can be. Our Experienced attorneys at Chernosky Law Offices can help you whether you are driving a 2011 or 2012 new car. Below you will find more information on new car Lemon Law in Ohio and lemon laws for new cars.

We consider any vehicle model manufactured after 2007 to be a “new vehicle”. The Ohio lemon law and the Federal Auto Lemon Law give you the ability to file a claim 4 or 5 years from the date of purchase.

Depending on the circumstances it might even be longer. We can tell you if you have a lemon law case which will enable us to get your vehicle bought back from you and get all of your money back. The Ohio new car and auto lemon law is very strong. The Attorneys at Chernosky Law Offices can help you even if your vehicle was not in for repair in the first year and 18,000 miles. Below you will find more information on new car Lemon Law in Ohio and lemon laws for new cars.

If the dealer has not been able to properly fix your new vehicle under the warranty, then we can make a case for you. It is all free of charge to the consumer because the manufacturer has to pay the attorney fee if you win. New car lemon law will apply to manufacturing defects that occur frequently in certain makes and models.

There might even be a class action out there on your new vehicle. One way to investigate whether your vehicle’s problems are unique is to review the Technical Service Bulletins (“TSBs”) issued on your car. Every year vehicle manufacturers issue thousands of TSBs to help automotive technicians diagnose and repair problems reported by consumers and repair shops. The Ohio lemon law will take these repairs and/or into consideration.

Use our Ohio Lemon Law FAQ’s page for any other questions you may need answered.

Recall Notices and Ohio Lemon Laws

Sometimes vehicle manufacturers issue Recall Notices on vehicles. When vehicle manufacturers issue recalls they typically include instructions on no-cost repairs. Often times this work can be performed by your car dealer. Under state and federal auto lemon laws, these repairs may support your auto lemon law or breach of warranty claim. Want to find out more about your car’s defects and recalls? Check out www.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/problems to find out more about the Ohio new car lemon Law or the Pennsylvania new auto lemon law.

The Ohio new car lemon law section is your resource when looking to find Ohio lemon vehicle information and lemon law attorneys in Ohio. If you feel you have a automobile which is a lemon and is a 2007 model or later, please contact Chernosky Law Offices either via email or by phone, toll free at 440-471-7071. You can also fill out the form on this page to learn if you have a vehicle that is a lemon.

How much will it cost to have an attorney handle my case?

NOTHING!! If you decide to retain an Ohio Lemon Attorney for your auto lemon law case, you will not have to pay anything out of pocket. If an attorney asks you to pay them out of your pocket, call us and we will help with no cost to you. The Ohio Lemon Law requires the manufacturer of your vehicle to pay your legal fees and costs. The lemon lawyers at Chernosky Law Offices who represent you in a Ohio Lemon Law case will get their attorney fees and the costs paid by the manufacturer when your case is settled or won. If we don’t win, we don’t get paid! We do this so there is no risk to you and because we know our system works. If we handle your Ohio lemon law case, we will have a 99% chance of recovery.

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